UWB students went to Limoges and co-founded the Student Council of EUPeace alliance

EUPeace International Conference

Student representatives and the working group for the involvement of students in university affairs met at the conference entitled: "What role do students play at the University and in the European Alliances?" organized by the University of Limoges to work on the milestones of the project.

From June 3 to 5, 2024, representatives of nine universities, which together form the EUPeace alliance of European universities, met in Limoges, France. One of the institutions involved in this project is the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. The main purpose of this meeting was the establishment of the Student Council, abbreviated STC, which forms the advisory body of all parts of the alliance. Thanks to it, students can bring their point of view into the administrative environment and draw attention to issues that trouble them. As part of this meeting, a discussion was also held within the Campus and Student Life work package. 

In the STC itself, each of the member universities is represented by two students. Present on behalf of the University of West Bohemia were Alexandra Halounová, vice-president of the Academic Association of Political Science Students in Pilsen, and Matěj Líbal, secretary of the Student Chamber of the UWB Academic Senate, who was elected vice-president of the Student Council at this meeting. During the workshop, the present students also presented the structure of student involvement at individual universities, and proposals for student activities within the alliance were also presented. 

The last day was devoted to the already mentioned work package entitled Campus and Student Life, which is managed by Lenka Pekárková at UWB. The working groups focused on planning the EUPeace Student Campus Festival, a festival that will be held every two years and will be an opportunity for students to participate in EUPeace activities. The creation of the EU Peace Code of Conduct, the ethical code of the alliance, and the creation of the EU Peace Student Association, which will take care of events organized by students that will support the main values ​​of this interuniversity cooperation – peace, justice and inclusiveness, were also discussed.


Student organizations

Matěj Líbal, Alexandra Halounová, Lenka Pekárková

14. 06. 2024