Year One

20  -  22 September

20. září - 22. září

UWB campus + center of Pilsen

Study Students University

Learn more about your university and student life here! Your online guide for fresher students and your special offline festival was put together by the staff of the UWB Information and Consultancy Center.

Intended for: students
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Are you new to the University of West Bohemia and want to get to know it better? Take a tour with Year One.

The Year One event is intended for fresher students at the University of West Bohemia. It will acquaint them in an entertaining fashion with the university and provide them with all the essential information they need to know at the start of their studies.



20. 09. 2022

17 May

St. Bartholomew´s cathedral, Pilsen


17. 05. 2023, 19:00

12  -  18 May

Pilsen, Prague, Olomouc, Vienna

Faculty of Arts

12. 05. 2023

13 January

NTC, Teslova 5b, Plzeň, room TC211

New Technologies - Research Centre (NTC)

13. 01. 2023, 13:00

29 November

university cafe Družba, Sedláčkova st. 19


29. 11. 2022, 15:30

10 May

SO127 (Sedláčkova 38)

Faculty of Arts

10. 05. 2023, 14:00