One World at Sutnarka

28 March

28. března, 17:00

Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art, Multilab (LS 122)

Festival Students Public

On Thursday 28 March, the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art will host a screening of two documentaries as part of the International Human Rights Film Festival One World. Students of the University of West Bohemia have discounted admission to these screenings.

Enter: 110 CZK/90 CZK/45 CZK
Intended for: public
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Dear students,

Please accept our invitation to the screenings of the International Human Rights Film Festival One World, of which the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art has been a proud partner for several years. On Thursday, 28 March, two documentaries will be screened in the Multilab area on the ground floor of the Faculty. In addition, students of ZČU have discounted admission to these screenings for 45 CZK when presenting their JIS card at the entrance (this discount applies only to screenings at Sutnarka).

17:00 Notes from the Eremocene

Today's time can be described as the Eremocene, the age of loneliness. What gives us the feeling of existential isolation and how can we cope with it?

"This is an account of what happened to the species Homo sapiens on planet Earth, in the Solar System, in the Milky Way galaxy, approximately 13.8 billion years after the supposed origin of the universe." With these words begins the film, which is conceived as a message in a bottle that the artist sends to her virtual future self and to future generations. We live in a world that is developing disruptive technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence at a predatory pace. But at the same time, it faces the rise of undemocratic regimes and the increasingly obvious catastrophe of global climate change and biodiversity loss. This experimental film combines analogue and digitally manipulated footage to suggest the impact of these times on individual mental health and society as a whole.


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20:00 Queendom

Genya is a Russian queer artist who expresses herself through extravagant costumes. Her public performances bring her not only new followers, but also aggressive attacks from passers-by.

Magadan is the site of a former Soviet gulag and a forgotten port in the Russian Far East with a subarctic climate. In the barren frozen landscape stands a tall thin figure in a white suit and high-heeled boots. Although Genya blends into the landscape in her costume, she is a thorn in the side of the locals. As he walks through the town, he faces not only verbal but also physical attacks, which he patiently and gracefully resists. When the radio announces the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Genya takes to the streets of Moscow to protest. He continues to spread his message through performance art and becomes a voice for the oppressed LGBTQ+ community in Russia.


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