The Faculty of Health Care Studies hosted a colleague from the Universidad de Extremadura in Spain

International Cooperation Students

Dr. David Conde Caballero familiarized himself with the environment of the University of West Bohemia and FN Plzeň.

On Thursday, January 18, as part of the Erasmus+ program, the Faculty of Health Care Studies (FZS) hosted David Conde Caballero, who works at the Faculty of Nursing at the Spanish Universidad de Extremadura in the city of Cáceres.

The Spanish colleague had the opportunity to familiarize himself with our university environment and toured the specialized classrooms along with the simulation center at FZS. Another planned part of the program was a visit to the Emergency Department at FN Plzeň, where the accompanying station nurse briefed him on the operations and spaces of the hospital. This hospital excursion was highly beneficial for the colleague, as he can now share information with Spanish students interested in an internship at FZS.

Throughout the visit, discussions revolved around student and teacher mobilities and further mutual collaboration. Students from the FZS General Nursing program have the opportunity to travel to this Spanish destination as part of the established collaboration, gaining an unforgettable international experience.

We appreciate the established cooperation with our partner, the Universidad de Extremadura!


Faculty of Health Care Studies

Lucie Brůžková (translated by ChatGPT)

24. 01. 2024