The international exhibition of the work of technical teacher programs students' saw a record number

Conference Students Achievements

The eighteenth year of the Technology Olympiad Pilsen was organized on Tuesday, May 21 by the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Technical Education of the Faculty of Education UWB. The event was attended by over 80 participants from fifteen universities and four states.

To focus on current trends in the teaching of technical and natural science subjects, to connect students with practice and also to exchange experiences with other students of programs focused on natural science and polytechnic education - these were the goals of this year's Technology Olympiad, which was attended by students from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Greece.

At the meeting, students presented a number of projects from the field of polytechnic education. Robotics and projects using various types of microcontrollers, including robotic manipulators for teaching programming, had a strong presence. Works focused on research in education, multimedia or works with didactic overlap towards innovation and modernization of teaching at various types of schools also had their own section.

Local students Vojtěch Soukup and Jonáš Turek caused a big acoustic stir with a working model of a steam engine made from a flywheel, silencers from a car and a pressure vessel. A large group of mainly girls from the University of Silesia in Katowice presented a number of projects in the field of primary education. Faculty of Education student Jan Šíd presented his unique project of an energy-sufficient outdoor classroom to the expert jury. The farthest participants arrived from Greece. They presented their research in the field of STEM, artificial intelligence in education or internet pornography.

Students from Nitra brought an exhibit of a micro-controller-controlled terrarium inhabited by a real African "snail". The work of Lenka Mocová, a student of the Czech University of Life Sciences, was also a rarity, dealing with the construction of traps for catching black game and its use in the education of future gamekeepers.

The expert jury awarded first place to the project of Slovak students from Nitra entitled: Education of pupils with the support of the Microbit microcontroller, students from Banská Bystrica with the project Development of technical skills by learning about the cultural heritage of Slovakia or the work of a student of the University of South Bohemia with a model of a wind power plant.

The second place is shared by a student from the University of Rheš with a project on the use of wool with a local student, Lucía Bláhová, who presented her educational escape game with the theme of informatics. Third place was won by students from our Faculty of Education presenting a functional model of a steam engine, as well as students from Patra, Greece, with research into internet addiction.

The Technology Olympiad was held under the auspices of the Mayor of Pilsen, Roman Zarzycký, the Rector of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Miroslav Lávička, and the Dean of the Faculty of Education UWB, Pavel Mentlík. It was supported by the funds of the student scientific conference project. Readers can find detailed information about this year's edition, the collection of abstracts and the magazine at

Photos from the event are available in the online gallery of the Faculty of Education ZČU.


Faculty of Education

Dr. Jan Krotký

22. 05. 2024