The seventeenth year of the PilsProg high school programming competition has a winner

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This year, 82 high school students from all over the Czech Republic participated in the competition, organized by the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

On Saturday, March 16, the seventeenth year of the PilsProg high school programming competition culminated, which is regularly organized by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (FAS). The final was hosted by the computer classroom in the FAS building, where the best 14 who emerged from the qualification round tested their skills.

In total, 82 students from secondary schools from all over the Czech Republic took part in the competition. They registered for the qualification round from October 30 last year, and the qualification then started on January 11. The contestants had to solve as many of the six programming tasks as possible, while their solutions had to be not only correct, but also fast. Successful solvers of the qualification round were those who solved at least three tasks. Only two contestants completed all six tasks.

Successful solvers competed in Saturday's final, which was exciting. About halfway through the total four hours, several contestants had correctly solved two tasks out of five, and it was a question of whether someone would be able to solve the next one. In the end, in the last half hour, the winner Jáchym Kouba succeeded. The second and third places were taken by the finalists who solved two tasks and the final order was decided by the speed of the solution. Two final tasks remained unsolved.

The order on the podium was as follows:

1st place: Jáchym Kouba (Gymnázium Jakub Škoda Přerov)

2nd place: Matyáš Vítek (SPŠTA Jihlava)

3rd place: Jakub Svítek (VOS and SPŠE Pilsen)

The winners received their diplomas and prizes immediately after the final of the competition. We thank PIT, the general partner of the competition, we congratulate the winners, we thank all the finalists for their great performances and we are already looking forward to next year.


Faculty of Applied Sciences

Tomáš Potužák

21. 03. 2024