Run with the rector

03 May

3. května

Sport Students Employees

After a two-year break forced by the pandemic, the popular event for UWB students and employees is returning.

Enter: for free
Intended for: students, staff, the public

The 1.5-kilometer relay race on the campus of the University of West Bohemia was last held in 2019 and it was the fourth year. In addition to the run and the fact that Rector Miroslav Holeček will of course take part in it, we can also promise an accompanying cultural program with music, food and drink this year.

We are preparing details.



03. 05. 2022

16  -  16 February

Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art - Inkubator Gallery

Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Art and Design

16. 02. 2022, 14:00

20  -  22 September

UWB campus + center of Pilsen


20. 09. 2022

06 September

UWB campus


06. 09. 2022, 10:00

18 May

St. Bartholomew´s cathedral, Pilsen


18. 05. 2022, 19:00