University Ball

10 March

10. března, 20:00

Měšťanská beseda

University Public

Students, employees and the general public are invited to the ball of the University of West Bohemia after a three-year pandemic break.

Enter: 370 Kč, 440 Kč, 490 Kč
Intended for: students, employees, public

The ball will take place in Měšťanská beseda, the Dance Orchestra of Miroslav Novotný will play, and the main stars will be the winners of the 10th season of StarDance, Veronika Khek Kubařová and Dominik Vodička, who will also dance. In addition to them, spouses and winners of the Thália award Pavel Režná and Charlotte Režná from the music group J.K. The Tyla Theater will perform at the ball. The program will also include a bachata dance workshop.

Tickets are only on sale online on the Měšťanská beseda website.




10. 03. 2023, 20:00

14 March

Room UV 115b (Univerzitni 22)

Faculty of Arts

14. 03. 2024, 11:00

13 March

Library Bory, Univerzitní 18, Plzeň

University Library

13. 03. 2024, 17:00

06 October

UWB campus


06. 10. 2023

10 May

SP417 (Sedláčkova 15)

Faculty of Arts

10. 05. 2023, 11:10

17 May

Charles University, Carolinum, Ovocný trh 560/5, 110 00 Prague - Old Town

Faculty of Applied Sciences

17. 05. 2023, 09:00