Ask the university ombudsman and security consultant

06  -  07 May

6. května, 10:00 - 7. května, 12:00

University Library, UWB campus, Bory

How can we achieve a sense of security while still respecting individuals' privacy? And what do these topics mean in a university context?

Enter: volný
Intended for: students, employees

University ombudsman Petr Šimon and security consultant Jaroslav Vild are organizing a discussion meeting on the topic of security and a safe environment. The discussion will take place on two dates, May 6th and 7th, from 10 am to 12 pm in the vestibule of the University Library on the Bory campus.

Security and a safe environment are essential conditions for quality studying and effective employment. After the events of the past year, this topic is more pronounced than ever. The discussion with the ombudsman and security consultant will take the form of a roundtable. Prior registration is not required.

The organizers look forward to the meeting and stimulating questions.



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