Doctoral students of FEE UWB presented their research at the international conference MARSS 2023

Conference Students Achievements

Jakub Tureček and Martin Vítek from the Department of Electrical and Computational Engineering spoke at a meeting of leading researchers in robotics and automation in Abu Dhabi.

From 9 to 13 October, Ph.D. students Jakub Tureček and Martin Vítek represented the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of West Bohemia at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation on Small Scales. This year's conference called MARSS 2023 (Manipulation, Automation and Robotics at Small Scales) was held in Abu Dhabi.

MARSS is an international event that brings together leading researchers in the fields of robotics and automation at scales from nanometers to millimeters. Research in the areas of microrobotics, nanorobotics, biomimetics, and sensing, particularly in the medical field, is presented. A total of 190 papers were presented at the conference, including 14 invited lectures by world experts in the field of micro-manipulation. It began with a guided tour of New York University Abu Dhabi, during which it was possible to see cutting-edge laboratories focused on materials fabrication, microscopy, microfabrication, and robotics.

Both Ph.D. students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering UWB are students of the Department of Electrical and Computational Engineering. In his presentation "Scalable, Compact, and Easy-to-Control Linear Electromagnetic Actuator," Jakub Tureček presented the paper of the same name, which was nominated together with three other selected papers for the Best Application Paper Award. Martin Vítek then presented the Diploma thesis of his student Jiří Šedivec on "Modular Platform for Magnetic Minirobots Operation with Integrated Non-visual Localization." Both theses deal with the topic of in-plane positioning of miniature magnetic bodies using a system of coplanar coils, which is created on a printed circuit board.


Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Iveta Pangrácová

01. 11. 2023