Faculty of education and gallery education with children from Rokycany Kindergarten

Students Public Exhibition

Throughout June, an exhibition of art works by students from the Department of Art Education and Culture at the Faculty of Education, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, is taking place at the European House Gallery on Pilsen's town square. The exhibition is led by artist and educator prof. Smutný

On June 11th, forty children from the Rokycany Kindergarten at U Saské brány, accompanied by their director Věra Zagorová, visited the exhibition. The gallery education was prepared by students from the Department of Art Education and Culture in collaboration with teacher Lucie Brabcová. The goal was to offer the children 45 minutes of intensive experiential pedagogy directly in the gallery. The children created images on the gallery’s brick floor using colorful wool, connected them into a large maze, and kept micro-robots in the form of vibrating beetles within the boundaries of the images. Inspired by the students' artworks, they subsequently transformed the gallery space into a highway, a labyrinth of roads, and moving boxes became cars with which they set out on a journey.

"The exhibition presents diverse approaches and methods of working with basic forms of representation that follow the tradition of Czech and world modern art and reflect contemporary trends," says Dalibor Smutný about the exhibition. Here, the students seek their own expression, shape their worldview, and develop their artistic opinions. Their works are personal and sensitive statements, containing portraits and figurative depictions, imprints of the landscape of their souls, interpretations of landscapes as organic growth of structures, and minimalist representations of landscapes and architecture.

Classical art techniques are the foundation for future educators to develop sensory sensitivity and understand the principles of the material world. These foundations are then built upon by creating with the use of digital media.

"Art creation, student practice, and gallery education are interconnected vessels for our department. The joy of creation, the courage to express oneself, and the development of social competencies are our main educational goals," describes Věra Uhl Skřivánková from the Department of Art Education and Culture.


Faculty of Education

Dr. Věra Uhl Skřivanová

14. 06. 2024