Have you seen the UWB - Brain Magnet posters in the streets? They are in Cheb and Karlovy Vary

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At the beginning of March, ZČU launched a recruitment campaign for prospective students under the slogan 'UWB - brain magnet.' The aim is to attract talented young people from western Bohemia to study at UWB.

Our campaign targets not only students in the Pilsen Region, but also those in all neighboring regions. We recognize the need to focus more actively on the Karlovy Vary region, which currently lacks its own university and where students already frequently commute to Plzeň for higher education," says Jan Váně, Vice-Rector for External Relations and Communication.

Starting from Monday, March 18, 2024, prospective students can encounter the UWB campaign not only on social media but also on the streets and at train stations in Karlovy Vary and Cheb. Advertising is also directed towards the Karlovy Vary region because the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Education with their study programs have been operating in Cheb for several years.

The campaign on so-called 'CityLights' in public spaces will run until mid-April. Meanwhile, UWB's promotion continues on Facebook and Instagram. Prospective students can find the offer of study programs in English on the website of the University of West Bohemia. Applications can be submitted until the end of April for most faculties



Andrea Čandová

19. 03. 2024