Electric mobility, nuclear management, environmental engineering. New Fields of the Future

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Some new fields will be offered by the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň already this year, while others are in preparation.

the student body at the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň is undergoing generational renewal, as are the study programs of its various faculties. There is increasing demand from students not only in the Czech Republic but also internationally for fields focusing on ecology or sustainability. Some new programs are set to be introduced by UWB as early as the upcoming academic year 2024/25, while others are still in the process of applying for accreditation and are expected to be implemented later.

Electromobility and Intelligent Transport Systems / FEL

Reflecting current trends and the demands of the new generation of students, the faculties are preparing new programs, such as a new interdisciplinary study program focusing on electromobility and transportation management. This program, jointly run by seven faculties and one university institute, will be primarily managed by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Within the Electromobility and Intelligent Transport Systems program, students will have the option to specialize in three areas: (1) Electromobility and Modern Transportation Methods, (2) Construction and Design in the Field of E-Mobility, and (3) Transportation Planning, Modeling, and Management. Currently, UWB is awaiting accreditation from the National Accreditation Authority. "We anticipate opening admissions for the second round—meaning that students could apply even in the summer and start the program in September," adds Vice-Dean Jan Michalík.

Management and Digital Technology / FEK

The Faculty of Economics is preparing a new study program, Management and Digital Technology, for its branch in Cheb, located in the Karlovy Vary region. This professional study program, taught in English, has been developed in collaboration with the OTH Amberg-Weiden University based on the needs of employers. The faculty is awaiting completion of the accreditation process. The program will be conducted at both FEK UWB in Cheb and at the OTH Amberg-Weiden University. "Students can expect a higher degree of integration between theory and practice in professional study programs. They will have direct exposure to practical work in collaborating companies. We will open admissions immediately after receiving accreditation," says Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs Jan Tlučhoř. The anticipated announcement for admissions is in June of this year.

Lower secondary school teacher training in the civic education / FPE

The Faculty of Education UWB will introduce a new master's program in Lower secondary school teacher training in the civic education. Future teachers will undergo both theoretical and practical training in European cultural history, law, economics, politics, anthropology, psychology, environmental issues, and ethics. The curriculum will include subjects focused on subject didactics and educational psychology.

Kinesiology / FPE

The Faculty of Education is also awaiting accreditation for a non-teaching professional program in Kinesiology – Wellness Specialist. The aim is to commence teaching in Karlovy Vary from the academic year 2024/25 onwards, pending accreditation. The program will focus on human movement and its optimal utilization for human health. Graduates will be prepared to contribute to enhancing comprehensive spa care services and provide health and fitness-oriented movement programs and recreational activities for the region's residents and visitors.

Computer Science and Software Engineering / FAV

The Faculty of Applied Sciences has newly accredited bachelor's programs in Computer Science and Software Engineering. "Although the faculty admitted students to these programs last year, they were not yet included in the standard lists for admissions, and students were transferred to them," explains Dean Miloš Železný. Additionally, the faculty is planning a follow-up program, Teaching Computer Science for Secondary Schools, which also needs to go through accreditation. "We aim to open this program for the second round of admissions. Students will choose this program in combination with other teaching programs, either from our Faculty of Applied Sciences, such as mathematics or physics education, or from the Faculty of Education, such as biology or chemistry," says the program coordinator Libor Váša from FAV.

Orthotics-Prosthetics / FZS

The Faculty of Health Care Studies will reintroduce a three-year bachelor's program in Orthotics-Prosthetics starting from the new academic year. The faculty offers this program once every three years. During their studies, students will learn everything necessary for the production of modern orthopedic and prosthetic equipment for patients with disabilities. "Graduates will be able to independently perform basic examinations and analyze the physical, psychological, and biosocial status of clients. These are essential procedures for creating properly fitting and suitable aids and for reintegrating patients into daily life," describes the program's vice-dean for internal and external affairs, Alena Lochmannová.

Environmental Engineering / FST

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is intensively working on a new program, Environmental Engineering, scheduled to commence from the academic year 2026/27. This program aims to reflect current trends and the aspirations of Generation Z regarding the world and its future. In addition to traditional mechanical engineering, which the faculty has offered since its inception, FST intends to start teaching another bachelor's program in Environmental Engineering. "The ambition of FST is to provide an alternative for students interested in technical education with a focus on environmental issues. The program will primarily address topics related to environmental quality and management," says Dean Vladimir Duchek. Graduates will acquire knowledge of waste-free technologies, material recycling, and the energy aspects of modern engineering.

Nuclear Engineering Management / FEL

As the only university in the Czech Republic, UWB aims to offer a follow-up master's program in Nuclear Engineering Management according to the International Nuclear Management Academy status. FEL will apply for accreditation for this program. The first students could start studying in the academic year 2025/26. "The ongoing tender for the construction of nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic and plans for building additional nuclear power plants not only in Europe highlight the need to educate new generations of engineers who will lead their development," justifies the introduction of this new program Vice-Dean for International Relations and Communication Jan Michalík. Students will gain knowledge and experience for work in the development, design, production, operation, and safety of nuclear facilities and all other technical facilities involving radioactive materials. They will learn the necessary skills for the construction, assembly, and operation of nuclear power plants.

For complete information and lists of all study programs offered by the various faculties, including admission deadlines, please refer to this online catalog (czech only).


Andrea Čandová (translated by ChatGPT)

19. 03. 2024