Klatovy again entertained with science. Visitors could try out dozens of exhibitions

The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen returned to Klatovy after a year to fill the Peace Square and as part of the Days of Science and Technology. It presented physics, robotics and other not only technical disciplines in a fun and interactive way.

WBU presented science and technology interactively across eight faculties. The event featured research centers like NTC, Comtes FHT, and lifelong learning departments. To add to the excitement, Klatovy also welcomed Techmania Science Center and the Observatory in Rokycany and Pilsen. Attendance saw year-on-year growth, with an expanded number of exhibits.

Despite occasional showers, the square was bustling most of the time, and this year's participation noticeably increased. Students from elementary and high schools visited every booth, with those offering interactive exhibits being the most popular. For example, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering delighted visitors with its "Generate Electricity" exhibit, where attendees experienced firsthand the effort required to power five light bulbs through pedaling a bicycle.

Adding to the excitement was a playful scientific exhibit prepared by Techmania Science Center. Children explored and experimented with thermal cameras, engineering applications, all amidst the misty veil of liquid nitrogen. "We love that we can try everything ourselves. The frozen balloon experiment was especially fun," said three fifth-graders from a local elementary school. Representatives from the local gymnasium also showcased experiments at their booth.

The Faculty of Law also premiered an exhibit titled "Legal Awareness as a Social Skill" at the Days of Science and Technology in Klatovy. Visitors engaged in a playful educational format on concepts like execution, lawsuit, and other legal terms applicable to everyday life. Gaming enthusiasts also found their niche with the Faculty of Education, which prepared interactive stations where visitors could enjoy various games while testing their reaction speeds and challenging their minds with puzzles and electrical circuit constructions.

Local high schools in Klatovy also offered their exhibitions. Gymnázium Jana Vrchlického impressed with simple experiments in physics and chemistry, while Střední průmyslová škola Klatovy hosted booths full of interactive activities. "Visitors could try different games, test their reaction abilities, and exercise their brains solving puzzles and building electrical circuits," explained Karolína Sýkorová, an exhibitor from SPŠ Klatovy. The offerings catered to a wide age range from preschoolers to ninth graders.

We extend our thanks to all visitors, exhibitors, and partners for their participation.



Petr Novák

13. 06. 2024