The Foreign Languages for Business programme at the Faculty of Arts has been accredited for 10 years

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Three language departments at the Faculty of Arts succeeded in re-accrediting their joint Bachelor study programme Foreign Languages for Commercial Purposes for the next ten years.

Joyful moments are being experienced by all linguists at the Faculty of Arts. The professionally focused Bachelor's programme Foreign Languages for Commercial Practice has passed a successful accreditation process and has been extended by the National Accreditation Bureau for 10 years. The popular study programme, in which applicants can choose from English-German, English-French and English-Russian combinations, has a long tradition at the Faculty - more than 20 years - and its graduates are in great demand among employers.

The number of applicants tends to be high. However, the challenges that many Czech humanities departments have recently faced, especially in terms of attracting and retaining professionals with accreditation potential, have not escaped the departments providing the CJKP programme. The preparation of a well-staffed and well-published accreditation file was a long and demanding process, in which, however, the linguists from the Faculty of Arts ultimately succeeded.

This is good news not only for them but also for those interested in modern and practical foreign language study from the Pilsen region and elsewhere.

Faculty of Arts

Tomáš Hostýnek

12. 02. 2024