Management of the Faculty of Arts held a meeting with strategic partners

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A regular session of the Council of Partners of the Faculty of Arts, University of West Bohemia took place on January 15, 2024. The meeting focused on developing cooperation with partner institutions in the field of education, practice management and the communication of its accomplishments to the p

Currently, the Council of Partners of the Faculty of Arts, UWB in Pilsen consists of 16 members. The Council of Partners is an advisory body of the Dean, comprising representatives of notable partner institutions of the Faculty. Such institutions, in particular, concern state administration, self-government of the Pilsner region and local municipalities, the non-profit sector, and also language and educational organizations, museums, archives, libraries, eminent regional and local actors and members of the private sector. 

Partner institutions were acquainted with Faculty activities and events from last year. The main theme of the programme was to intensify the interconnection of education in the individual study programmes with practice. As such, opportunities of final theses’ topics and supervision based on the needs of the individual partner institutions, the consultations of which the members will partake in, were also discussed.  Lifelong learning and online courses represented another important topic. The requirements of the institutions from the practical environment were outlined and will be taken into consideration when preparing micro-certification programmes. Furthermore, two Massive Open Online Courses designed for the public, but especially for high school students, were made available. Advancing cooperation with regional high schools represents a long-term priority of the Faculty.

The regular session that took place on January 15, 2024 saw participation of representatives of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Grammar School of Luděk Pik, Museum of the southern Pilsner region in Blovice, the Museum of West Bohemia, Intergenerational and Volunteering Centre TOTEM, r. a., Municipality of the City of Pilsen, Diocese Charity of Pilsen, the Waldorf Elementary and High School Dobromysl, Centre for Community Work in West Bohemia, and the Regional Development Agency for the Pilsner region.

The concluding point of the session dealt with organizing events aimed at commemorating the Faculty and the 25 years of existence since its establishment. For this occasion, the Faculty intends to host lectures, seminars, panel discussions and other events that will predominantly focus on the public, and that will also witness considerable participation of partner institutions.

Faculty of Arts

Petr Krištuf

12. 02. 2024