Meeting at the Faculty of Health Care Studies focused on endometriosis

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The panel debate Every cycle - a different story was attended by the patient organisation ENDOtalks and health professionals.

On 25th April an important meeting of the ENDOtalks patient organisation, which focuses on endometriosis, and health professionals took place at the Faculty of Health Care Studies of the UWB. Endometriosis is a chronic disease in which tissue similar to the uterine lining is found elsewhere in the body than in the uterus, for example in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, pelvis or abdominal cavity. The panel discussion brought together patients with endometriosis, the head of the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinic of the University Hospital in Pilsen Jiří Presl, gynaecologist Lukáš Prajka from the University Hospital in Pilsen and physiotherapist Lenka Chuchutová. The event was also attended by midwives and midwifery students. All of them were welcomed by the head of the Department of Nursing and Midwifery Jiří Frei, who also thanked the organizers for the opportunity to hold the event in the premises of the Faculty of Health Care Studies.

The meeting started with sharing the experiences of two patients with endometriosis. The two powerful stories included pain, problems with pregnancy, gynaecological surgeries, complicated births, experiences with conventional and alternative medicine, feelings of failure in the role of a woman and mother, but also finding strength, taking responsibility for their health, being able to co-determine their journey through treatment, and an increase in self-confidence.

One in ten women suffers from endometriosis and waits an average of seven years to be diagnosed. From the shared experiences of patients and health professionals, the need to promote awareness of the possibilities of diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis, individual approach to patients, emphasis on quality of communication, respectful, empathetic and holistic approach. In addition to gynaecologists and midwives, physiotherapists, psychotherapists and other professionals should be included in the healthcare team. A general change in lifestyle, nutrition or the use of phytotherapy or traditional Chinese medicine is also beneficial. In the Czech Republic, a network of centres for the treatment of pelvic pain and endometriosis with the globally recognised EuroEndoCert certification is being set up, and the eighth such centre should be established at the University Hospital in Pilsen.

Martina Sehnoutková, director of the patient organization Endotalks, concluded by mentioning that their goal is to talk about the issue of endometriosis, to connect and support patients and health professionals, and to actively participate in changes.

"Patients can really be the initiators of change in healthcare practice. Such discussions and debates can contribute to the cultivation of the healthcare environment, communication and partnership between patients and healthcare professionals. We were delighted by the participation of midwifery students in the debate, which certainly provided them with a deeper insight into this issue," said Kateřina Ratislavová, lecturer of the Midwifery study programme.


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Lucie Brůžková

02. 05. 2024