Pikadory vending machine or cable car: April Fools' prank by FDULS students for a public transport

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The Industrial Design Studio at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art prepared material for an April Fool's joke for the České Budějovice City Transport Company (DPMCB).

On the first of April, passengers using public transportation in České Budějovice might have briefly thought that the transportation company was planning on radical changes to its vehicles and transportation system. The report stated that people would soon be able to ride cable cars over Budějovice and enjoy a culinary specialty on public transport.

"As part of the pilot phase, which the carrier will launch during April, vending machines for 'pikadory' (hotdogs, ed. note), which are an essential part of the cultural heritage of the South Bohemian metropolis, will be installed in five public transport vehicles. 'The project of transport catering services will significantly enhance the comfort of public transport, and what better represents our rich local cuisine than pikadory," explains Slavoj Dolejš, director of DPMCB.

Simultaneously, DPMCB announced the commencement of construction on a cable car above Lannova Street, which will serve as a link between the historic center and the newly renovated train station. The proposed cable car, designed in collaboration with industrial designer Filip Špaček and resembling a teacup, offers innovative and comfortable ways of moving around the city. "The seating area rotates around a fixed table, allowing you to enjoy Lannova Street from all angles. Including upwards, as the viewing side of the roofs seamlessly connects with scenes from the cable car to Kleť and thus evokes a weekend atmosphere," commented the designer Filip Špaček.

The April excursion into the future of transportation was prepared by DPMCB in collaboration with the Atelier of Industrial Design at the Faculty of Design and Art of Ladislav Sutnar at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. You can find more student proposals for innovative urban public transport concepts on instagram.com/fduls_plzen_design and on the social networks of DPMCB.


The future of public transport by Irina Zenchik

Cable car through the city by Filip Špaček

Public transport powered by human. Author: Vojtěch Kanta

Yahm Hanania's water channel in the city


press release DPMCB, Andrea Čandová

02. 04. 2024