Pilsen business vouchers are back

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The Department of Knowledge Transfer and Contract Research of ZČU informs about the announcement of the next year of Pilsen Business Vouchers, a popular programme supporting cooperation between research organisations and companies.

The City of Pilsen has been contributing to the development of the business environment and the competitiveness of companies in Pilsen and its surroundings for more than 10 years through the Pilsen Business Vouchers programme. During this period, ZČU has cooperated on 112 projects out of 144 applications submitted. Call No. 2024 was announced on 6 May 2024 and builds on the successful programmes implemented in previous years.

  • Applications will be accepted electronically via dotace.plzen.eu from 2 September 2024 (until 12:00) until 2 October 2024 (until 12:00). 

The programme is an incentive for business entities to make contact with a research organisation as a knowledge provider and to establish or expand mutual cooperation. Thanks to it, companies can use capacities they do not have themselves, launch or intensify their innovation activities and increase their innovation potential.

The financial allocation for this call is set at CZK 4 000 000. The maximum amount of subsidy for one applicant is CZK 300 000. The amount of the grant depends on the size of the enterprise. Small and medium-sized enterprises may apply for a subsidy of up to 75 % of the price, while large enterprises may apply for a subsidy of up to 40 %, but in both cases up to a maximum of CZK 300 000.

The business voucher for the purchase of services from a research organisation can only be obtained by companies that have their registered office or business premises in the Pilsen agglomeration (which includes, in addition to the city of Pilsen, also e.g. Blovice, Rokycany, Nýřany, Stod and Přeštice).

The following activities may be supported:

  • Measurement, diagnosis, testing, examination, analysis, verification or calculation
  • Design of systems or their components, designs, equipment, materials, methods, processes or hardware
  • Software creation and development
  • Suggestions for optimization of processes, methods, parameters or use of materials
  • Modelling/simulation of processes, processes, systems or operations
  • Proposals for the application of new materials, methods, processes or technologies, software for products or processes
  • Design of products or parts of products

BIC Pilsen staff provide details on the programme and are also ready to consult on grant applications.

Detailed information on the programme is published on the BIC website, as well as the documents needed to apply for Call 2024.

A seminar is also planned again in September, where interested parties will be given information on how to apply for subsidies.

The project is administered by the Department of Knowledge Transfer and Contract Research at ZČU. The contact person is Mgr. Lucie Komrsková, komrskol@rek.zcu.cz, 37763 1067.


Department of Transfer and Contract Research

Lucie Komrsková

11. 06. 2024