Students from the Pilsen Construction Industry School won the inaugural year of STAV FAV

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On Friday, 12 April 2024, seven teams from secondary schools in the Pilsen and Central Bohemia Region gathered at the Faculty of Applied Sciences to compete in the first year of the STAV FAV competition. The competition was open not only to vocational schools but also to high schools.

STAV FAV opened with short lectures by Jan Pašek, head of the Department of Civil Engineering at the Department of Mechanics, and Luděk Vejvara, chairman of the Pilsen region of the Czech Chamber of Chartered Engineers and Technicians in Construction. They introduced the students to the basics of the field, mentioned interesting facts from practice and presented civil engineering as a promising field of study. "Civil engineering brings certain employment. It is necessary to build at all times, and even during crises, existing structures need to be maintained and upgraded. Our graduates can develop successful careers in all these areas," Jan Pašek delighted those interested in studying Civil Engineering.

Each team comprised three male or female students, with a fourth member being a coach from the teaching staff. A significant challenge awaited them: theoretical and two practical exams. The first task was to pass the knowledge test as successfully as possible, based on general knowledge in various fields, from technology to politics and sports to culture. 

The second task required a dose of skill and technical imagination. Each group was given a matching packet containing a cardboard box, cardboard, tape, and various tools. The goal was to use these items to build the tallest and most stable tower possible in the given time to pass the test on an inclined plane. 

The last stage was the most fun for all the contestants. An obstacle course for wheelchair users was prepared in front of the faculty in the area. "We wanted to give potential future builders a view of common life situations through the eyes of people who use wheelchairs. Therefore, they encountered obstacles on the route that were fully compliant with building standards and a few non-standard obstacles. They have seen how difficult it is to move around in normal traffic, even in conditions that the standards consider satisfactory. Perhaps they will remember this when they are at the origin of new projects," explained the meaning of the last discipline, Jan Kubát, who conceived and organized the whole competition. 

The first two places were taken by teams from the Secondary School of Civil Engineering in Pilsen, and the third place was students from the Silver Gymnasium. The prizes were presented to them by the chairman of ČKAIT Luděk Vejvara and Jiří Voska from Berger Bohemia, which supported the competition together with InterCora. The winners received financial prizes of 18, 12, and 9 thousand CZK and gift books on construction from the CKAIT publishing house. 

"The competition was great. We enjoyed the whole day and had a great time. We will come again next year," said the members of the bronze medal team from Stříbro. In 2025, however, more competition will await them, as the organizing team from FAV Construction wants to invite twice as many teams to the starting line.


Participants of the first year of STAV FAV

Participants of the first year of STAV FAV

Participants of the first year of STAV FAV

Participants of the first year of STAV FAV

doc. Ing. Jan Pašek, Ph.D., FAV ZČU

Ing. Luděk Vejvara, Ph.D., ČKAIT

Faculty of Applied Sciences

Jitka Hepová

22. 04. 2024