Students from the University of West Bohemia experienced practical training. They visited STREICHER

Cooperation Students University

What are the possibilities for cooperation during and after studies? Students of the Introduction to Plasma Technologies course already know.
On Monday, February 26th, students from the third year of the Bachelor's program in Applied Physics at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia, along with their colleagues from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, who are soon to complete their follow-up studies in Materials and Technologies for Electrical Engineering, were welcomed at the engineering division of STREICHER in Pilsen.

They share a common subject, Introduction to Plasma Technologies, which they are taking at the Department of Physics under the guidance of Jiří Čapek. He is not only a lecturer at the Faculty of Applied Sciences but also a member of the Czech Vacuum Society committee. Vacuum equipment developed and manufactured by STREICHER in Pilsen is therefore familiar to him.

Unlike other excursions, this time, due to the participants' professional focus, there were no experiments with vacuum. Instead, the focus was on introducing the company, its production facilities, and potential collaboration opportunities during and after their studies. The students learned that through internships, they would gain practical experience, have the opportunity to work on real projects, and learn from experienced professionals. Additionally, they can earn extra income, and if the work makes sense to them, they could fully engage with STREICHER in Pilsen after completing their studies.



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04. 03. 2024