The University of West Bohemia negotiated with the Pilsen Region on a shared future.

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The future of the Pilsen Techmania Science Center was also a crucial topic of the discussion.

The Rector of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Miroslav Lávička, and the Vice-Rector for External Relations and Communication, Jan Váně, met with the Governor of the Pilsen Region, Rudolf Špoták, and the Deputy for Education and Sport, Vladimír Kroc, on Friday, December 15, to discuss further long-term cooperation between the university and the regional administration.

"We would like to prepare a strategic cooperation plan with the Pilsen Region for the coming year, which we will follow in the upcoming period. We aim to incorporate modern themes that the university plans to focus on. We will also focus on more intensive cooperation in the field of secondary and higher education to help ensure that high school students do not go elsewhere for university studies but stay in our region, both during and after their studies," said Rector Miroslav Lávička.

"We will continue to communicate jointly on topics that are currently important and significant for the Pilsen Region and for us, in order to advance and co-develop our region in line with global trends. This includes, for example, quantum or semiconductor technologies and the field of artificial intelligence. However, we do not lose sight of the topics that our university has been developing in the region for a long time. Therefore, we are preparing an action plan for cooperation, and on this occasion, we will also address the form and more effective and targeted use of financial resources that the Pilsen Region provides to the University of West Bohemia annually," described the rector.

The future of the Pilsen Techmania Science Center, established in 2005 by the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen and ŠKODA Investment, a.s., was also a crucial topic of the discussion. The Pilsen Region, a long-time supporter, now aims to become a co-founder of the center.

Representatives of the university and the region agreed on the vision for the future of Techmania. A new format of cooperation is now being sought that would be suitable for the university and, at the same time, ensure sustainable financing of the center in the coming years. "We certainly want the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen to continue to be an integral part of Techmania Science Center," said Governor Rudolf Špoták.

During the discussion, the currently ongoing university campaign Shaping Pilsen was also highlighted. In a non-intrusive way, it presents what the University of West Bohemia contributes to the region and the city and the direction in which its individual components are heading.

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15. 12. 2023