The University of the Third Age and the Faculty of Arts were awarded at the Anděl 2024 gala

Magdalena Edlová received the Angel 2024 award in the Angel Hands category for her work in the field of social services and assistance beyond the scope of her job duties. The Department of Sociology and Social Work of the Faculty of Arts was also awarded

The Angel Award is intended for volunteers who have been working in social services for a long time. Angel Hands is for workers who help beyond their job duties. The Angel Forever is awarded in memoriam for a lifetime of contributions to social services. Good Souls recognizes collectives or entire organizations for their synergy in solving social problems. The most important award, the Golden Angel, is given to exceptional personalities who have made a significant contribution to the development of Pilsen's social services through their long-term activities.

For the team of the University of the Third Age it is true that working with the elderly is specific and requires a superior relationship to the profession, professionalism, dedication, considerable organizational skills, insight and a large dose of patience. This team professes a human approach to listeners, is willing to listen, encourage in a difficult situation or just to comfort with a kind word. The institution is guided by the principle that the education of seniors is a meaningful and socially important value. It becomes a meeting place for peers with similar interests, joys and concerns. U3V is committed to providing a safe environment for seniors in which their knowledge, experience and opinions are valued and respected.

‚‚We believe that in this way the seniors' sense of self-worth increases, which has a positive impact on their overall quality of life. I am very appreciative of the Angel 2024 award, both for myself and for the team behind the whole agenda. Let's think positively and enjoy every day, life is worth it," says Magdalena Edlová with thanks.

The Department of Sociology and Social Work of the Faculty of Arts of the University of West Bohemia was also successful, being awarded in the category of Good Soul for training new social workers within the study programme Social Work. The award was received from the Municipality by the programme guarantor Karel Řezáč. This is the second time that the department has received this award, as in 2021 the same award was received by the then head of the department, Prof. Váně, and his student research team for their long-term cooperation in the development of social services, especially research on homelessness.



Petr Novák

18. 06. 2024