The Veleslavín literary competition knows its winners. 85 works competed for the prize

Competition Cooperation Achievements

The first ever edition of the Veleslavín Literary Competition, VLK 2023, took place on Tuesday 18 June.The competition was announced by the Department of Czech Language and Literature as part of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of teacher education in Pilsen.

The VLK 2023 competition was intended for students of faculties and cooperating schools from the 6th year to the final year. Students of the Faculty of Education and teachers of primary and secondary schools who create their own original texts also participated.

Although this was the first year of the competition, the interest in participating was extremely high. A total of 85 entries were received by 17 November 2023, and more than 90 students, their parents and teachers attended the closing ceremony. An expert jury, consisting of members of the Czech Language and Literature Department, then selected the winning entries in six age categories.

The prize-winning works were then arranged in a collection, which was supplemented with illustrations and an introductory essay by the author of the readers and teacher Ladislava Lederbuchová.

Many participants appreciated the fact that the second edition of the competition has already been announced, the deadline for which is set for 17 November 2024. We hope that the VLK will become a traditional event of the Department of Czech Language and Literature of the FPE ZČU, which will provide a space for dialogue over the texts of novice authors and offer an opportunity for artistic expression not only to them, but also to their teachers.

Photos from the award ceremony are available on the faculty's shared online gallery.


Faculty of Education

Růžena Písková

20. 06. 2024