The auditorium of the Faculty of Education is adorned by a new grand piano.

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The faculty acquired a Seiler brand instrument as part of the Ph.D. Infra project.

On Thuesday, May 6th, the new grand piano, placed in the auditorium on Veleslavínova Street by the Faculty of Education on the last day of April, will resonate for the first time. A Seiler brand instrument will be one of the stars of the Jan Vičar & 75 concert, which will be part of the 2nd Czech-Brazilian conference Education, Art, Digital Technology in Teaching, starting at 7:00 p.m.

The faculty acquired the grand piano thanks to the Ph.D. Infra project. Not only students, doctoral candidates, and teachers of the Department of Music Education and Culture will be able to play it, but it will also help fulfill the West Bohemian University's third role in relation to the public. "We believe that this investment will contribute to creating an inspiring environment and will increase the quality of the educational process at our faculty," said Romana Feiferlíková, head of the Department of Music Education and Culture.

A big thank you goes to everyone involved in the Ph.D. Infra project. We look forward to using the new grand piano in our educational and cultural activities!


Faculty of Education

Bc. Michal Švec

03. 05. 2024