UWB has launched an initiative in the field of effective project support for international research

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Representatives of UWB discussed at the first meeting of the emerging university network for international projects on a shared vision for ensuring systematic and effective support for UWB´s successful involvement in international research and innovation projects.

How to systematize various levels of project support in the field of international research at UWB and strengthen the ability of all components to effectively utilize their competencies in European and international projects? The overall vision of possible measures was presented by the Vice-Rector for Creative Activities and Doctoral Studies, Jiří Hammerbauer, together with representatives of the UWBProject Center, at the initial meeting with designated individuals from various components of UWB. The meeting took place on March 26, following preliminary needs mapping, with ten components represented.

Vice-Rector Hammerbauer first presented the emerging initiative, which aims to provide quality and accessible support in the preparation and implementation of international projects at individual components. The goal is to streamline the two-way flow of information and knowledge sharing among components and the central project center, improve collaboration with individual research teams and the project management system, and ensure a higher impact of project support services at the university, its components, and individual departments.

"UWBhas exceptional R&D infrastructure in its research centers and other units. It employs staff with international experience who are often members of excellent research teams. These aspects predispose UWB to be successful in solving prestigious international projects, such as Horizon Europe, to become competitive, and to be included among sought-after and interesting institutions for foreign partners," Vice-Rector Hammerbauer stated.

Subsequently, the Director of the Project Center, Miluše Brunátová, summarized the services and activities that this department already provides in the field of international or European projects. Lenka Strnadová, a consultant for European projects, further acquainted the participants with the motivations behind the initiative's inception and other planned steps. "The aim of the initiative is not only to create a formal working group but to ensure that all individuals in research, both experienced and less experienced, at UWB receive quality, efficient, and targeted services that will help motivate them and enable them to effectively utilize their competencies and potential, especially in European projects such as Horizon Europe, but also in other schemes," she emphasized.

To this end, inspired by successful models from European universities, the initiative will create a network of several levels of support primarily based on selected representatives for international projects from individual components. This network will enable better vertical sharing of know-how, from central strategic planning and expert information and methodological support, through intermediary levels of information and methodological support at individual components, to the level of everyday project management. However, it will also prepare conditions for more intensive horizontal cooperation and sharing of experiences across components.

During the discussion, numerous fundamental suggestions were made regarding the key priorities of individual components and the challenges they currently face. In the following months, this debate will be deepened through structured interviews with individual components. The initial mapping will provide the basis for the network's further functioning, which will include support for strategic planning and management in the field of European and international projects, tailor-made training, and the development of effective tools for horizontal and vertical communication and experience sharing.

Presentation and materials from the meeting are available on the Alfresco Site of the Project Center.

The event was supported by the Advisory Center for International Cooperation in Research and Development (VaVaI).


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Markéta Laiblová

09. 04. 2024