UWB was again present at Europe's largest international fair of higher education

International Cooperation Exhibition

This year's EAIE (European Association for International Education) conference took place from 26 to 29 September in Rotterdam under the subtitle "Connecting Currents."

This major event in higher education aims to bring together professionals in the international education sector. It is thus an ideal opportunity for representatives of higher education institutions to establish partnerships and deepen existing ones. The universities had the facilities of the national Study in Czechia booth at their disposal. The joint booth together with the universities represented the Czech Republic abroad as a stable and united partner for education and research.

As always, the four-day program of this year's conference was very busy and offered many workshops, seminars, and meetings. The University of West Bohemia was represented by representatives of the International Office and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. A record 22 Czech universities participated this year.

During the conference and trade fair, a number of successful meetings with existing and future foreign partners took place. Newly discussed European destinations included ENISE Lyon from France, University of Rioja from Spain, the Norwegian University of Adger and University of South-Eastern Norway. Negotiations with Israel's Bar-Illan University, where the RICE Centre's research program has attracted significant interest, look promising. Among overseas universities, negotiations on student exchange have been held with the North American University of Missouri, Mexico's Universidad Tecmilenio, and Australia's University of Southern Queensland. From the latter, the first student will come to UWB for the summer semester as a free-mover.

At the conference, the opportunity was also taken to meet representatives of the new European Alliance EUPeace, of which UWB is a part, namely representatives from Philipps-Universität Marburg, University of Giessen, Cukurova University, Comillas Pontifical University, University Limoges, University of Prishtina and University of Sarajevo.

The Czech-Austrian and Czech-Canadian receptions organized by the Czech National Agency for International Education and Research also provided significant potential for developing cooperation between universities in these countries in the field of education or research projects.

Representatives of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering used their participation at the EAIE in Rotterdam to strengthen relations with existing partners, especially given the recent pandemic. At the same time, they focused on negotiating new partnerships to develop inter-university cooperation in the areas of mobility, implementation of joint degree programs (double degree), and research projects.

For more information on the conference, please visit the EAIE website and the International Office in UU 109.


International Office

Jana Ovsjanniková

03. 10. 2023