University of West Bohemia Among Top 7 Czech Universities in Terms of Sustainable Development

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Seven Czech universities, including the University of West Bohemia, made it into the Impact Rankings 2021 list, which evaluates the fulfillment of sustainable development goals set by the United Nations.

The chart is published annually by the Times Higher Education magazine. It is based on the evaluation of 17 sustainable development goals, which the UN adopted at its 2015 summit. The goals include equitable access to education, gender equality, sustainable consumption and production, sustainable use of resources, etc.

In terms of their fulfillment, first place went to the University of Manchester. Seven universities from the Czech Republic were included in the evaluation. The highest ranking was achieved by Charles University, Masaryk University, the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague and Palacký University Olomouc, which ranked in the same category (401st–600th place), and also successful were the Faculty of Mining and Geology – Technical University of Ostrava (601st–800th place) and the University of West Bohemia, along with the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (801st–1000th place).

The University of West Bohemia fared particularly well in the areas of Industry, Innovations, and Infrastructure, in which focus is placed on universities' research in the area of industry and innovations, the number of patents, spin-off companies and income from industry, and also in the Affordable and Clean Energy category, in which universities' research in the area of energy, among other things, is evaluated. UWB's good ranking was also due to its evaluation in the Decent Work and Economic Growth category, in which the focus of the assessment is on the universities' economic research, their employment practices and the percentage of students taking part in internships, and also in the Partnerships for the Goals category, focusing on partnerships for sustainable development and strengthening means for its application.


Šárka Stará

03. 05. 2021