UWB opens a transparent bank account

Ukraine University

The university will use the funds raised to assist students affected by the war in Ukraine and cover the costs connected with handling the current refugee crisis.

The war in Ukraine has shaken all of society, though at the university it impacts primarily Ukrainian, but also Russian and Belarusian students and staff. In order to provide them with support and any necessary assistance, the university has set up a transparent bank account.

"It is our goal to remind students as well as the general public of the values and ideals a democratic and free society is based on and to show the world our humane side and set an example not only for young people. All that is part of the university's third, social role," notes UWB Rector Miroslav Holeček.

UWB's transparent account is open as of April 1. It can be credited with funds raised at benefit events, donations from partner companies as well as private contributions – there are no limits when it comes to charity.

Anyone who wants to help students and their families stricken by war and support the university in its effort to resolve the current crisis can send donations to this account at any time.

The bank account No. is: 6148333319/0800.

Payments can also be made via a QR code.


Šárka Stará

01. 04. 2022