UWB student Jiří Přívratský excels at the World Cup in Brazil

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Czech rifle shooters won a total of five medals, of which three were gold and the rest silver. Jiří Přívratský contributed to winning each of these medals.

On April 19, the Czech Shooters' Team returned from the ISSF World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. One of the team members was a student at the University of West Bohemia's Law School Jiří Přívratský, who contributed to the rifle shooters winning a total of five medals, three gold and two silver.

Along with Lucie Brázdová, Jiří Přívratský took gold in the mixed air rifle event. A day later, Jiří won individual competition shooting in three positions – prone, standing and kneeling. Jiří got his third gold medal in a team competition along with Petr Nymburský and František Smetana. The three took second place for their performance in the men's team competition and Jiří Přívratský also took silver with Lucie Brázdová in mixed competition shooting in three positions.

Jiří Přívratský is thus behind all five medals – four in team events and one individual. Only in one competition did he not win a medal, taking fourth place.

"Jiří Přívratský is one of the top athletes at the University of West Bohemia. We would like to congratulate him on his extraordinary success and wish him the best of luck both in sports and his studies," says UWB Rector Miroslav Holeček.

The University of West Bohemia supports the dual careers of student-athletes and does its best to create such conditions that allow successful and promising athletes with exceptional sports results to meet demanding study requirements and at the same time devote themselves to sports training and take part in competitions.


Faculty of Law

Šárka Stará

20. 04. 2022