Professor Jaroslav Vlček to chair an international conference on plasma

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From 12–15 September, the German city of Erfurt will host the 18th edition of the Plasma Surface Engineering 2022 international conference on plasma.

According to the organizers, each year the Czech Republic sends the second highest number of participants to the conference and Czech researchers are actively engaged in the study of this topic, which is why the Czech Republic became the partner country of this year's conference. The event will be chaired by professor Jaroslav Vlček from the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the University of West Bohemia, whose name is mainly linked to the project related to the physics of thin layers, with so-called smart windows. The question of how to make this layer  on glass that would regulate its translucency and heat gain depending on ambient temperature is dealt with by a number of research teams around the world, but it is the team led by Jaroslav Vlček that is gradually tackling issues that others have not been able to.

Apart from UWB, the Czech Republic will also be Eneolithic represented at Erfurt by other universities from Prague, Brno and Olomouc.

The Plasma Surface Engineering conference will focus on the topics of Plasma and Ion Surface Engineering, Surface Modification Technologies, Coating Applications and Properties, Characterization and Simulation of Films and Processes, New Trends in Plasma Surface Engineering, and Plasma-Catalysis in Gas Conversion Processes.

Faculty of Applied Sciences


02. 08. 2022