University of West Bohemia gets prestigious certification from International Atomic Energy Agency

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The University of West Bohemia, specifically the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, is proud to have received certification from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), making it the eighth university in the world to receive this prestigious accreditation.

The newly prepared follow-up programme with a specialization in Nuclear Engineering Management covers a total of 50 key areas required by the IAEA. As a result, this programme can boast the International Nuclear Management Academy (INMA) brand. This places us in a prestigious group of universities, along with institutions such as the University of Manchester, the University of Tokyo, and Texas A&M University, where similar certificate programmes already exist.

To obtain the certification, we completed two assessment missions, attended by professors from Texas A&M University in the USA and Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Hungary, in addition to a representative of the IAEA. We presented the planned content of the upcoming programme to the visiting evaluators. Still, the evaluators were also interested in the study facilities at the Faculty and University, the interconnection and cooperation with industry, and the potential for graduates to find employment in the Czech nuclear sector. We welcomed the first visit after several months of preparations in November/December 2021; the second mission visited us in May/June 2022, after which the finalization of the new programme preparation within the UWB processes and the final evaluation by the IAEA representatives took place. An interesting part of the second evaluation visit was the intensive discussions and sharing of experiences with the teachers of the individual courses of the faculties involved, i.e., the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Prof. Radek Škoda became the guarantor of the specialization Nuclear Engineering Management who last week received the certificate awarded during the 67th General Conference of all IAEA Member States. This marked the end of a more than two-year process of obtaining this prestigious certification.

The International Nuclear Management Academy aims to educate professionals with a technical background in the nuclear field with knowledge of basic business and project management. The construction of nuclear power plants, as well as the operation of existing units, places great demands on managers and other key personnel. Therefore, graduates of the programme, which prepares future employees for practice in this sector, will be in high demand on the labour market, given the planned construction of new units at home and abroad.

From the academic year 2024/2025, the University of West Bohemia will offer a new modern study programme attractive to students and employers not only from the Czech Republic but also from neighbouring countries.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Kateřina Newton

06. 10. 2023