Winter School: Nuclear New Build

10 February

10. února


Further Education Students Science

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering is co-organizing an event for which students from all over UWB can apply. Applications are open until February 10.

Enter: free after registration
Intended for: Ph.D. and postgraduate students

Students of the University of West Bohemia are invited to the traditional French-Czech-Slovak winter school focused on nuclear energy, which will take place in Jáchymov.

This intensive week-long course this year focuses on the current theme of Nuclear New Build. The event is conducted in English and is primarily intended for Ph.D. and postgraduate students.

Join us and expand your knowledge in the field of nuclear energy!




10. 02. 2024

15 May

Library Bory, Univerzitní 18, Plzeň

University Library

15. 05. 2024, 17:00

26 March

Fakulta elektrotechnická, posluchárna EP 130


26. 03. 2024, 13:30

29  -  07 January - February

Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art, Univerzitní 28, Plzeň

Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art

29. 01. 2024, 16:00

03 May

SO127 (Sedláčkova 38)

Faculty of Arts

03. 05. 2023, 11:10

05 March

RICE, room EZ 401


05. 03. 2024, 17:00