František Mach from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering may receive the Young Blood Award

Competition Science Employees

The prominent Czech talents from the fields of science and business are being introduced for the second time by the Euro eeekly. František Mach from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering has also been nominated for the Young Blood Awards 2024.

František Mach caught the attention of the organizers of the Young Blood Awards not only by becoming the vice-dean of the faculty for science at the age of 36 but also through his enthusiasm for projects he is working on with the CIMRA group. Both the professional and lay public are familiar with their work because they can popularize it. Whether it's the revolutionary electrostatic waste separator, electromagnetic valve suitable for rocket engines or energy systems (which won the Transfera Technology Day award last year), or the magnetically controlled microfluidic pump that succeeded a year earlier...

František Mach demonstrated his ability to bring his work closer to the general public in 2022 when he participated in the Czech Polymath competition and finished second. Those who want to get to know him will have the opportunity, for example, on January 30 during the Open Day at the University of West Bohemia. "I will be giving a lecture on the 'rocket' valve project," invites František Mach.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering


24. 01. 2024