The student sports event helped the University Hospital in Pilsen

Cooperation Sport Students

The event raised 40,000 crowns for the Hemato-Oncology Department of the Pediatric Clinic.
Last November, students from the University of West Bohemia and the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen - Charles University joined forces to organize the first edition of the charitable sports event with the meaningful name "Rivalita stranou" (Rivalry Aside). They played futsal and basketball matches and enjoyed a concert, knowing that the proceeds from the entrance fees would support the Hemato-Oncology Department of the Pediatric Clinic at the University Hospital in Pilsen.

The donation was handed over on January 23, as reported by the University Hospital: "Martin Červený, head of the Institute of Physical Education at the Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, and student representative Zdeněk Prášek came on Tuesday to present a symbolic check for 40,000 crowns. The check was received by the department staff, along with the clinic's management and the director of the University Hospital, Václav Šimánek. The Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen and the university hospital are closely connected in many ways, and everyone believes that 'Rivalita stranou' will become a tradition. Thank you!"

In the photo, from left to right: Head of the Pediatric Clinic (DK) Josef Sýkora, Sister of Hemato-Oncology DK Martina Trnková, Station Nurse of HOO DK Jana Srbová, Martin Červený, Zdeněk Prášek, Director of University Hospital in Pilsen Václav Šimánek, spokesperson Gabriela Levorová, and Chief Nurse of DK Romana Sedláčková. Photo: University Hospital in Pilsen (FN Plzeň).



25. 01. 2024