The Kazakh Ambassador visited UWB. At FDULS, he met with compatriots studying at the university

Guests International Cooperation

Cooperation in the education of both Czech and Kazakh students and collaboration in similar research fields - those were the main topics of the meeting with the university management and deans of the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Design and Art of Ladislav Sutnar on 4th of April.

Forty students of Kazakh nationality are currently attending study programs at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. The majority of them are enrolled at the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Design and Art of Ladislav Sutnar.

"The Czech Republic and Kazakhstan have excellent relations both politically and economically. The Czech Republic is one of our main partners," emphasized Kazakh Ambassador Bakyt Dyussenbayev at the beginning of the meeting. "Our government currently prioritizes further development in education, aiming to provide our students with opportunities to study abroad, and from my position as ambassador, I strive to maximize the number of such students. We have the advantage of linguistic closeness to the Czech Republic," he added.

Currently, nearly 3,000 Kazakh students are studying at universities across the Czech Republic. "The management of UWB can support cooperation with Kazakh universities, but the main role in these partnerships is played by our faculties – specifically, their professors and supervisors, who are familiar with the specific topics and research areas that we may share," said Vice-Rector for Educational Strategy Jiří Kohout.

Following the meeting at the rectorate, there was a brief visit to the Faculty of Design and Art Ladislav Sutnar, where the ambassador met several students from Kazakhstan studying at this faculty.

UWB is currently collaborating with three Kazakh universities – Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages in Almaty, Kazakh National University of Arts in Astana, and Eurasian National University in Astana. According to Ambassador Bakyt Dyussenbayev, these are the three most prestigious Kazakh universities with global renown. The Faculty of Applied Sciences, together with representatives from other parts of UWB, has established closer ties with these schools and has participated in several international education fairs in Kazakhstan in recent years.



Andrea Čandová

04. 04. 2024