Doctoral school at the Faculty of Arts

Further Education Seminar Students

The Faculty of Arts in cooperation with the UWB Project Centre organised the first part of the four-day Doctoral School of the Faculty of Arts. The Doctoral School took place on 9 and 10 November 2023 on the premises of the Study and Research Library of the Pilsen Region.

The school was attended by PhD students of the Faculty of Arts across the study programmes, with guest participation of selected staff members of the University Library and Rector’s Office as well as of the faculties with which the Faculty of Arts is discussing the topic and mapping the possibilities of joint cooperation (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Faculty of Applied Sciences). The Doctoral School is aimed at improving individual competences and skills for the career development of students in research institutions and successful participation in international research.

Students in the programmes of Archaeology, International Relations, Modern History and Philosophy, and History of Science and Technology have the opportunity to get acquainted with the topics of four educational blocks: Career, Science, Project, and Data. In each block, experienced lecturers and tutors give them their own insights from the academic and research world and teach them how to succeed in this world. The focus within the school is directed on various activities such as writing a professional CV/resumé, self-presentation, planning and building a unique profile for academic careers and potential employers, writing a scholarly article, communicating with editors of scholarly journals, working with datasets in a research environment, creating project applications, networking for collaborative research and publications, and many more. The students are now preparing in individual and group assignments for the second part of the school, which will take place on 18 and 19 December 2023.

The school also provides space for consultations, discussions between participants and informal conversations. At the end of the two-day programme, participants rated their (dis)satisfaction with the training event, providing very important feedback with topics and ideas for improvement. “Thanks to the school, I got the opportunity to meet other PhD students and get a glimpse into the academic world.  I got an idea of what an academic’s job looks like, what challenges they have to respond to and what projects they should be looking for”, one of the participants of the school replies. “There was satisfaction with the course, the organisation, and the related logistics. I definitely consider the provided information, advice and recommendations beneficial for my further academic and publishing activities,” responds another. “...I appreciate learning information that we often do not have time for during our PhD studies”, adds another participant.

From the next academic year, the Faculty of Arts plans to include the subject of the school in the standard teaching in doctoral study programmes and, in cooperation with other parts of UWB (in particular Faculty of Education, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and Faculty of Applied Sciences), is also creating a pilot educational module focused on the topic of developing pedagogical competences for students in doctoral programmes. “We expect that all of the above topics, as well as the mapping of possibilities for joint sharing of information and lecturing capacities or mutual cooperation, will be intensively addressed together with other parts of UWB in the coming period,” concludes Tereza Šlehoferová, Vice-Dean for Strategy and Development of the Faculty of Arts.

Faculty of Arts

Petr Krištuf

09. 12. 2023