Experts from the Faculty of law explored the development of law from antiquity to the present

Conference Cooperation

The traditional international legal history conference State and Law in the Course of Time, held on 18 June 2024, brought together over thirty experts from various universities and institutions to discuss the development of the state and law from its origins to the present day.

The thematically broadly conceived interdisciplinary conference was attended by over thirty experts dealing in their scientific work with issues related to the development of the state and law from its beginnings to the present day, from a number of different workplaces - in addition to the law and philosophy faculties of various universities, for example, from the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes.

Among the speakers were both experienced senior experts and aspiring PhD students. More than a third of the papers were presented by foreign lecturers, especially from Hungary and Poland. In their presentations, the speakers dealt with different areas of law and different time periods, ranging from ancient times to almost the hot present, with most of the papers dealing with more recent history.

Thus, the aim of the conference - unlike many narrowly themed events, to allow the speakers to present the results of their current research, while also providing a platform for the widest possible gathering of scholars interested in the history of law and related fields - was certainly fulfilled.

Faculty of Law

Vilém Knoll (Translated by DeepL)

02. 07. 2024