FZS co-organized the event Celebrate Women's Health with Midwives

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Students of the midwifery study program participated in an awareness-raising event related to women's reproductive health care.

On 3rd May students of the Midwifery study programme at the Faculty of Health Care Studies of UWB took part in the awareness-raising event Celebrate Women's Health with Midwives. The event was organized by the ČKPA - Association of Midwives of the Pilsen Region, p.s. in cooperation with the Faculty of Health Care Studies and with the support of the Pilsen 1 Municipal District and the Pilsen City Hall.

The aim of the event was to introduce the public to the issue of women's reproductive health care by meeting midwives from practice, students, physiotherapists, social workers and supporting associations such as Smile of a Mother or Bellis - Alliance of Women with Breast Cancer.

Students of the Faculty of Health Care Studies prepared for the participants of the event a number of educational materials and aids on the topic of contraception, menstruation, prevention, care for women during pregnancy, childbirth, six months and menopause. During the meeting, women could use the midwife's counselling room. The moderator of the event conducted interviews with midwives on selected topics related to women's reproductive health.

Visitors to the event had the opportunity to try on models, for example, breast self-examination, listening to the baby's heartbeat in the womb, to have the pelvic floor examined, to experience the weight of a pregnant belly or to have their blood pressure measured. The day included a programme for school pupils and students to put themselves in the shoes of a pregnant woman, learn about safe sex and test their knowledge with quizzes and crosswords.


Faculty of Health Care Studies

Lucie Brůžková

15. 05. 2024