Fifty graduates from the class of 1978/79 visited their alma mater Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Alumni Employees

On May 22nd, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering organized the second reunion for the graduates of the 1978/1979 class, and the following day, they held the traditional meeting for former employees.

Fifty graduates had the opportunity to reminisce about their student years at the former College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (VŠSE) after 45 years. Although their studies took place in different buildings in Pilsen at the time, the former students eagerly toured the current faculty premises and its Regional Technology Institute. The dean of the faculty, Vladimír Duchek, welcomed them, and the program included a presentation of the student formula car. The afternoon continued in an informal atmosphere at the Saloon Roudná. This was the second reunion for these graduates, the first being five years ago, when they commemorated 40 years since their graduation.

The following day, the faculty also invited former employees to its premises. This meeting is held annually, as the faculty leadership maintains good relationships with former colleagues.

"Our teachers are the ones who equipped us with the key knowledge for our future practice, and whose contribution to our lives we all appreciate in our daily work. Therefore, I would like to express my gratitude and sincere thanks for the impact they had on us during our studies and for where we are now because of them," said Vladimír Duchek.


Former employees meeting

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Kamila Kolářová

23. 05. 2024