Student of the FZS participated in the European University Cup in powerlifting

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Michaela Kanátová, a 3rd year student of Radiology Assistance, placed 6th in the powerlifting (squat, bench press, deadlift) at the 5th European Open Women's University Cup in Nancy, France. Congratulations!

In the squat, she came 4th with 157.5 kg, and 6th overall with 397.5 kg (157.5 kg in the squat, 75 kg in the bench press and 165 kg in the deadlift). Michaela Kanátová, a 3rd year student of Radiology Assistance at the Faculty of Health Care Studies of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, returned from the European Universiade with such great results. She competed in the women's category up to 76 kg in France.

Michaela Kanátová started her training at the age of 13 together with her father, who has been doing powerlifting for over 30 years. She competed for the first time at the age of 14, followed by regional competitions, Czech Championships, European Championships and World Championships. "The last two years in my junior years I have only competed on the national stage. In my four years in the juniors, I held several national records in my category, two of which - the 170 kg deadlift and the 400 kg powerlifting - still haven't been beaten," Michaela assesses her achievements.

In 2023 Michaela won the Czech Academic Championships in classical powerlifting in the category up to 76 kg and with the total of all three disciplines 400 kg she was nominated for the European Universiade, which took place this year from 1st to 3rd March in Nancy, France. "Getting to the European Universiade involves basically three most important things. Participate in one of the national championship competitions, and thus be a member of the Czech Strength Triathlon Federation, and have a good enough powerlifting to apply for. The other essential things are the application form and the necessary documents, such as the anti-doping form. And last but not least, one has to study at university," Michaela describes.

How was the Universiade running? "The Universiade officially started on 1st March 2024, when the lightest weight classes competed, and the following days the heavier ones. One has to weigh in first on the day of the competition, check the equipment with the judges, and then only the competition begins. Unlike Czech competitions, international competitions are much faster. Basically, one group of 10 to 15 competitors alternates with another. And there is a maximum 15-minute break between each discipline. So there's not much time for recovery. The races always start with squats, followed by bench press and deadlifts as the last one," Michaela describes the course of the races.

Michaela recorded 157.5 kg on the squat and equalled her personal best. "On my last deadlift attempt I swung, which happens when I lift more than I'm capable of, and the fever I got the day before the competition didn't help either. Nothing happened to me and overall I rate the race as average," adds Michaela.

It was an honour for Michaela to represent the Czech Republic and the Faculty of Health Care Studies of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. Congratulations on her performance!


Faculty of Health Care Studies

Lucie Brůžková

19. 03. 2024