International Office UWB represented the EUPeace alliance at the University of Salerno

EUPeace International University

In May 2024, a representative from the International Office UWB attended ISW at the University of Salerno. During the week was presented our EUPeace alliance and its significance for the future of higher education while drawing inspiration from other universities' experiences.

The Italian University of Salerno organized Staff Week, which focused on European alliances. Thirty-five staff members from different European universities participated in this event. The University of West Bohemia was represented by Erasmus+ Program Coordinator Eliška Hošinská.

The Monday program started with discussions on integrating international students and continued with the sharing of best practices, providing inspiration and new ideas for all participants. Tuesday was dedicated to presentations from various university alliances, Eliška Hošinská (International Office UWB) presented the vision and goals of the EUPeace alliance, focusing on activities within WP4 (Facilitating Mobility), led by UWB. After the presentations, there was a discussion on integrating study programs among universities in the alliance, which was very insightful for further work within EUPeace.

On Wednesday, participants visited the historic city of Paestum, known for its ancient monuments. This trip was not only a cultural enrichment but also an opportunity for networking. Thursday morning featured an International Fair, where partner universities introduced students of the University of Salerno to short- and long-term internships or entire study programs. The afternoon continued with general presentations of each university. Friday was dedicated to evaluating the entire week. All participants filled out a final questionnaire, assessing each activity and the benefits of Staff Week. At the end, everyone received the necessary documents and certificates of participation.


International Office

Monika Mundilová

17. 06. 2024