Little graduates of the Children's Technical University received their diplomas

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May 29 marked a big day for children from the 1st and 2nd levels of elementary schools and multi-year gymnasia, who attended courses at the Children's Technical University at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering this school year. At the final ceremonial graduation, they received their diplomas.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has been organizing technically oriented courses for children for the seventh year, and this year, in addition to Pilsen, courses also took place in Klatovy and Sokolov with the substantial help of local partner secondary schools. A total of 84 young graduates completed their studies at the Children's Technical University: 39 in Pilsen, 32 in Klatovy, and 13 in Sokolov. Throughout the school year, the children gradually delved into the secrets of mechanical engineering fields – 3D printing, machining, energy, designing machines, but they also tried their hands at the basics of programming and various physical and chemical experiments.

'We tried to show you the direction in which technology is heading today. You have understood that modern mechanical engineering relies on computers and also utilizes artificial intelligence. We also showed you the style of studying at a university, which indeed differs from elementary and secondary schools. I believe that maybe in a few years, we will meet at official matriculations and welcome you as students of our faculty,' stated Dean Vladimír Duchek in his speech, as he distributed university diplomas to the diligent students in front of proud parents.

The goal of the event is to spark children's interest in technical education and to motivate them in a fun way to pursue later studies in promising technical and scientific fields. The organization of the event would not have been possible without the significant help of partners, including the Pilsen Region, the cities of Pilsen and Klatovy, Doosan Škoda Power, the non-profit organization Úhlava in Klatovy, Klatovy Industrial High School, J. Vrchlický Gymnasium Klatovy, Klatovy Agricultural and Food Industry High School, and the Integrated Technical and Economic School in Sokolov.

The faculty plans to start the next session in September, and parents can begin enrolling their children at the beginning of June.



Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Kamila Kolářová

03. 06. 2024