Library handed over donated books to the St. Zdislava Home for Mothers with Children in Need

University Achievements

Thanks to the students, staff of the University of West Bohemia and the public, almost 3200 books were collected this year, the most in the entire history. On 12 March, the University Library handed over the books to the St. Zdislava Home for Mothers with Children in Need in Pilsen.

The " Give a Book" event was held at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen for the seventh time and again with success. The library organizes the book collection on the occasion of 14 February, the International Book Giving Day. Everyone was pleased that readers brought interesting books to the library branches in Pilsen and Cheb.

The books will be used in the St. Zdislava Home in Pilsen for Mothers with Children in Need, which is intended for mothers with children and pregnant women with dependent children up to the age of 26 who find themselves in an unfavourable social situation, e.g. as a result of domestic violence, marital crisis or generational problems in the family.

"Missed the opportunity to join this year? Don't worry. If the situation permits and we find a suitable partner to take over the books, the library will repeat the event next year. A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the collection this year!" says Miloslava Faitová, Director of the University Library of the University of West Bohemia.

Thanks to the University Library, patients at the Psychiatric Clinic of the University Hospital in Pilsen could read the donated books last year. In 2022, the collection was held in support of the non-profit organization "Blízký soused." Before the annual coronavirus pause in 2020, the selected volumes went to the library of the Plzeň Prison, in 2019 to homes for seniors (SeneCura SeniorCentrum Plzeň and Baculus - Home of Peaceful Aging in Vejprnice), in 2018 to the Elementary School and Kindergarten for the Visually Impaired and Speech Impaired, and during the first edition in 2017, donated books went to the inpatient departments and LDN of the City Hospital Plzeň, Privamed, a.s., and the University Hospital in Pilsen.


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Jakub Pokorný (translated by DeepL)

13. 03. 2024