Nuclear energy needs enough professionally educated people, the meeting at UWB proved

Further Education Lecture Cooperation

The lecture Nuclear - Clean Energy of Tomorrow attracted listeners from the University of West Bohemia and secondary schools. Guests from ČEZ, deans of technical faculties and graduates of UWB spoke.

Just before Easter, as part of the Nuclear Days lecture series (, we were able to welcome significant guests from ČEZ, a. s., to the attic of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering – Bohdan Zronek, Director of the Nuclear Energy Division and member of the Board of Directors, and František Krček, CEO of Škoda JS, a. s. The lecture "Nuclear – Clean Energy of Tomorrow" attracted university students and high school students who showed interest in the professional world of nuclear energy.

The lecture was enriched by the contributions of two University of West Bohemia graduates. Kateřina Vašíčková, a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, introduced the audience to the challenges of preparing for work as an operator in a nuclear power plant. Ondřej Trubka, a Faculty of Electrical Engineering graduate, shared experiences from his professional journey from the position of an electrical automation administrator to the leading position in the maintenance of the primary part of the Temelín nuclear power plant. He confirmed that cooperation across technical education fields is crucial for the safe operation of a nuclear power plant, expressing it in words: "Electrical or mechanical engineering, we are one family."

Deans of technical faculties highlighted the space for cooperation with industry during studies and in solving scientific research projects, such as CANUT II, which focuses on advanced nuclear technologies.

Before the lecture began, directors Zronek and Krček met with the Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Vladimír Duchek, to discuss support for studies at the Department of Electrical Power Engineering, specializing in the Design of Power Engineering Machines and Equipment and the Design of Nuclear Power Engineering Equipment. In particular, Škoda JS supports this study focus by involving its experts in teaching.

A sufficient number of professionally educated individuals are needed not only for the construction of nuclear facilities but also for their safe operation and decommissioning of both power and research nuclear reactors.

The University of West Bohemia, as the only university in the Czech Republic so far, wants to offer a study program in nuclear technology management according to the status of the International Nuclear Management Academy to those interested in nuclear energy.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering at UWB can boast of obtaining certification from the International Atomic Energy Agency. UWB has become the eighth university in the world to receive this prestigious certification. Thanks to this certification, the faculty will offer a new study program in Nuclear Engineering Management, which will be attractive to students and employers from the Czech Republic and neighboring countries.


Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Iveta Pangrácová

10. 04. 2024