Opening of the exhibition Josef Mištera Still Going...

03 April

3. dubna, 18:00

Ladislav Sutnar Gallery, Riegrova 11, Pilsen

Public Exhibition Employees

In April, the Ladislav Sutnar Gallery will present an exhibition of Josef Mištera - illustrator, founder and Dean Emeritus of the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art.

Enter: free
Intended for: public

In his work, Josef Mištera thematizes Czech history, the general theatrum mundi with its human absurdities, hardships and hopes, as well as a look into his own mirror.

The exhibition Still Going... will be on view from April 2 to May 4 and will focus on Mištera's creative flowering, which began in the wake of the pandemic and its associated isolation and stasis.

The exhibition will include guided tours, with an opening reception on April 3 at 6pm. 


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