Representatives from NTIS visited partner universities in China

International Cooperation Science

Representatives from NTIS visited partner universities in China Experts from the NTIS Research Centre of the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS) visited partner universities in the Chinese city of Hangzhou within the ARIHE and ICIAD projects.

From May 20 to 29, a team of FAS researchers from the field of cybernetics visited the partner universities Zhejiang University of Technology and Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. The TAČR DELTA call supports the ARIHE and ICIAD projects and aims to strengthen R&D cooperation between the collaborating institutions.

As part of the ICIAD project, representatives from FAS visited Zhejiang University of Technology to present their artificial intelligence system for automatic weld failure detection during non-destructive testing. This project aims to improve the efficiency and accuracy of NDT through advanced technologies. Our key partner in this project is Linx, a company specializing in developing machine vision cameras. As part of the project, Linx is developing a system for simple bin picking.

This time, the second partner university visited within the ARIHE project was Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, where they presented the current development of a new robotic manipulator for NDT. This project focuses on developing an innovative robotic solution to make NDT processes more accessible and efficient. The partner in this project is Zhejiang Benfa Technology Co., Ltd, known for its hose and cable braiding machines.

As part of the ARIHE project, the company is developing a new carbon braiding machine.
We thank our partners for their excellent cooperation and look forward to further joint projects that will bring innovation and progress in the field of NDT.


Faculty of Applied Sciences

Faculty of Applied Sciences

04. 06. 2024