Students of industrial engineering focused on reducing the carbon footprint

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At the end of May, students from the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management participated in a project aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and visited the kaolin quarry in Kaznějov, operated by Lasselsberger.

Collaboration with Lasselsberger, a company that controls the entire process from raw material extraction to tile production, allows students to gain valuable practical experience. It is particularly crucial for them that the company places great emphasis on innovation and environmental responsibility.

As part of the environmental project, the students intensively focused on the topic of reducing the carbon footprint of products. They evaluated the production processes throughout the product's lifecycle, from the supplier to disposal, comparing them and determining which process produced the most pollutants. Based on these analyses and calculations, they will help the company identify how specific production procedures can be changed to reduce pollutant emissions, especially carbon.

"It's like ice cream - if you buy fresh instead of packaged, you reduce the amount of carbon and other pollutants that occur with packaged ice cream due to the production of packaging, transportation, and storage in freezers. Similarly, it is extremely important for our students to understand the impact of industrial production on the environment and to learn how to design solutions that minimize this impact," explains department head Michal Šimon.

Thus, the students immersed themselves in the real world of industrial practice, working to make future production processes more environmentally friendly. This contributes not only to more responsible manufacturing but ultimately also to improving living conditions for all of us.


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Kamila Kolářová

05. 06. 2024