Support the public collection "Czech Day Against Cancer" at the library

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In May, you will have the opportunity to purchase yellow flowers of the common marigold at the University Library and thus support the public collection "Czech Day Against Cancer".

This year's traditional May collection aims to raise awareness about breast cancer prevention and screening programs offered by Czech healthcare system. Michaela Fridrichová, the chairwoman of The League Against Cancer, explains, "More than 7,000 women in the Czech Republic are diagnosed with breast cancer annually. Although mortality is decreasing thanks to continuously improving diagnostic and treatment procedures, breast cancer remains the second leading cause of death among oncological diseases in women. In addition to breast cancer screening, we want to highlight the availability of other programs that many people still do not take advantage of."

Anyone who contributes on the days of the collection will also receive an information leaflet about prevention along with a pink ribbon flower.

The League Against Cancer finances projects from the collection that focus on cancer prevention, improving the quality of life for cancer patients, supporting oncological research, and providing oncological facility equipment.

You can purchase bouquets from Wednesday, May 15th, to Friday, May 17th, at any branch of the University Library, including the one in Cheb. Traditionally, thousands of volunteers in yellow shirts across the country will also offer them.

You can also support the Cancer League's activities remotely by sending a donation via SMS in the following formats: DMS KVET 30, DMS KVET 60, DMS KVET 90, or DMS KVET 190 to the number 87 777. The price of each SMS is 30, 60, 90, or 190 CZK, of which the Cancer League Prague will receive 29, 59, 89, or 189 CZK, respectively. Thank you in advance to all who will help!

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Jakub Pokorný (translated by ChatGPT)

06. 05. 2024