The "Meeting with Music" concert will be performed in Korand's choir

15 May

15. května, 18:00

Korandův sbor, Anglické nábřeží 13

Concert Public Employees

You can expect interpretations of classic works by Czech composers A. Dvořák, B. Smetana and others.

Intended for: students, staff, public

The Department of Music Education and Culture cordially invites the academic community to the "Meeting with Music" concert, which takes place on May 15 at 6:00 p.m. in the Korand choir at Anglické nábřeží 13. This exceptional concert, organized by the KHK, is dedicated to the Years of Czech Music .

Come and enjoy the beauty of the Czech musical heritage performed by the choirs of the Department of Music Education and Culture of the FPE ZČU and the Pilsen Conservatory under the direction of Romana Feiferlíková and Vít Aschenbrenner.

We look forward to your participation and listening to this musical celebration together.

Faculty of Education

Michal Švec

15. 05. 2024, 18:00

28 March

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Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art

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26. 03. 2024, 13:30

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